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Main Aim

Marngrook in Mainstream Inc was formed in 2014. The main aim of this Not-For-Profit organisation is to promote reconcilliation through Marngrook. We hope to achieve this by promoting the playing of the traditional Aboriginal football game of Marngrook at a community level. The game is a precursor to Australian football and the children's versions of the game are amazingly similar to the modern schoolyard games of 'kick to kick' and 'markers up'.

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Corporate Structure

'Marngrook in Mainstream Inc.' is a Not-For-Profit organisation. The Board members are as follows:

Ungeyeta (Chair) - Uncle Bill Nicholson

Bill is an Elder of the Wurundjeri people of the Melbourne and Yarra Valley area. Bill is Manager of Education Programs with the Wurundjeri Tribe Council.

Tartkoortkul (Deputy Chair) - Darrell Egan

Darrell is of Gunditjmara heritage and has been involved in the promotion of Marngrook for the past two decades. In 2000 Darrell together with Bill Nicholson organised a demonstration game of Marngrook at Dandenong. The game brought together people from Kurnai, Bunerong and Wurundjeri areas. It was the first time since 1852 that Marngrook had been played in the Melbourne area. Darrell continues to have significant involvement in youth programs and cultural exchange with China.

Yingakul (Secretary) - Jim Poulter

Jim Poulter has been involved with the Aboriginal community for decades and has many publications relating to aboriginal history and culture. He is primarily responsible for getting the game of Marngrook recognised in the football community in Australia.

Moochakul (Treasurer) - Francis Jeon-Ellis

A member of the Monash Reconciliation Group, Francis has been a driving force bringing ‘Marngrook in Mainstream’ into existence. It is indicative of his strong passion to promote awareness of our indigenous heritage and its continuing relevance to Australia’s present day community experience.

Woorakul (Committee members)

John Armstrong

Don Butcher

Mike McKeon

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