Marngrook in Mainstream Inc - 'Promoting Reconcilliation through Marngrook'


Carlton Football Club

Hi Jim,

Sorry I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye and thank you today.

Thank you so so much for all of your work today, the club greatly appreciated it and I know the students really got a lot out of your session, you could tell they really enjoyed it and it was great they were able to have a kick of the Marngrook!

As I told you earlier, your knowledge is extraordinary and we really look forward to having you in again and sharing your wisdom and fantastic stories.

Kind regards,


Community & Diversity Officer

Carlton Football Club

Ikon Park, Royal Parade,

Carlton North, Vic 3054

23 August 2016

Richmond Football Club

Hi Francis,

Thanks to you and Jim for adding such a unique and interesting activity to the Dreamtime week. Overall we were very happy with the initiatives the Club and other partners delivered throughout the week, and Marngrook was a special part of these.

Thanks also for the photos. I have also added a photo from the VFL match ceremony that you might like to see.

We look forward to being involved with you both again soon.

Kind Regards,


Michael Lacy

Community Manager

Richmond Football Club

ME Bank Centre,

Punt Road Oval

Richmond VIC 3121

12 June, 2014

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